KJP Refuses To Answer Fox Reporter On Whether White House Stands By ‘Voter Suppression’ Accusations

[Screenshot/White House press briefing]

Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre refused to answer Monday whether the White House stands by “voter suppression” accusations made against Georgia’s election changes in 2021.

President Joe Biden compared Georgia’s law, “The Election Integrity Act of 2021,” to Jim Crow laws, which among other things prevented black Americans from voting in southern states. The 2021 law required voter identification, prohibited providing food and water in line and limited the number of drop boxes that can be used during an election.

Democrats, along with the White House, accused the law of suppressing voting rights, leading to several corporations boycotting over it. Despite the backlash, voting surged throughout the state following the law’s passage.

“In 2021, President Biden called Georgia’s election law changes ‘new Jim Crow laws that were antithetical to who we are.’ They imposed voter identification requirements, limited use of drop boxes and gave state officials more power over local elections. And then in 2022, Georgia did have record turnout, but you had argued from the podium that there was voter suppression. Does the White House still believe that that was true?” Fox News White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich asked.

“I don’t have anything else to add from what I stated last time,” Jean-Pierre said. (RELATED: CNN Host Says Georgia’s Voting Law Is ‘Restrictive.’ The Chyron Literally Right Below Her Tells A Much Different Story) 

Florida Democrats are poised to cancel the Democratic presidential primary in the state after the state party only submitted Biden’s name on the ballot, despite Democratic Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips challenging him in the race. Heinrich repeatedly questioned Jean-Pierre on whether Florida Democrats are also participating in voter suppression.

“So, does the Florida party then, effectively canceling the Democratic primary, also constitute voter suppression?” Heinrich asked.

“I can’t speak to that,” the press secretary answered. “You have to speak to the campaign or the DNC [Democratic National Committee].”

“Does the White House have any thoughts on those voters being —” Heinrich continued.

“I can’t, I can’t speak to that,” Jean-Pierre said.

“Is it gonna be fact-checked, or?” the Fox News reporter pressed.

“I just, you’re talking about [the] 2024 election. You’re talking about a primary. I’m just not gonna speak to that from here,” she said.