TRUDDEN: Women Deserve Better Than Satanic Abortions (And The Magazines That Praise Them)


Andrea Trudden Contributor
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The recent revelations surrounding The Satanic Temple’s abortion clinic, as promoted by Cosmopolitan, are not only disheartening but also deeply troubling. It is disappointing to see a publication read by millions of young women lending its platform to a “religious organization” built on deception and designed solely to circumvent state laws.

As a mother of teenage girls, a former Cosmopolitan reader, and someone who has committed my adult life to protecting the sanctity of life and the well-being of women facing unplanned pregnancies, I find everything about this article offensive.

This week, Cosmopolitan published an article titled “The Satanic Abortion Clinic That’s Pissed Off Pretty Much Everyone…and Might Beat the Bans Anyway.” In it, they glamorize The Satanic Temple’s abortion clinic, presenting satanic rituals as a trendy endeavor.

Everything about this “clinic” is a lie.

First and foremost, the intentional choice of naming the clinic “Samuel Alito’s Mom’s Satanic Abortion Clinic” is an affront to the memory of Rose Fradusco Alito. It is crucial to acknowledge that Justice Samuel Alito Jr.’s mother, before her passing in 2013, expressed her opposition to abortion. The calculated selection of this name adds a layer of deception, intentionally designed to provoke and garner attention.

The very tactic of using a religious loophole to establish the clinic — and bragging about it! — is deeply concerning. The Satanic Temple, presenting itself as a nontheistic faith, exploits legal protections afforded to religious institutions by claiming abortion represents a religious ritual important to their “faith.” The abortion ritual described by The Satanic Temple is not only disturbing but is used to intentionally manipulate the principles of religious freedom to not only mock other religions but further its own demonic agenda.

What adds another layer of creepiness is the sinister theatrics employed by The Satanic Temple, including disruptive tactics at pro-life demonstrations that include adult diapers, baby masks, and BDSM stunts. These actions not only undermine the seriousness of the abortion debate but also display a blatant disregard for civility. The shock value and provocative imagery employed detract from the genuine concern surrounding the abortion issue and highlight the evil within The Satanic Temple’s purported mission.

Cosmopolitan’s hypocrisy becomes glaring when one considers the magazine’s publication of articles attacking life-affirming pregnancy centers. While endorsing The Satanic Temple’s abortion clinic, the magazine seems to actively oppose organizations that prioritize providing comprehensive support, education, and compassionate care to women facing unplanned pregnancies. This double standard reveals Cosmopolitan’s bias, favoring pro-abortion activism while disregarding life-affirming alternatives.

It is important to address the blatant anti-religious propaganda intertwined with Cosmopolitan’s promotion of The Satanic Temple’s abortion clinic as well. By endorsing an organization that leverages religious imagery to exploit legal protections, the magazine sends a message to young women that promotes pro-abortion activism and undermines the principles of religious freedom. This raises concerns about the values being imparted to young women who turn to Cosmopolitan for guidance and information.

Cosmopolitan, as “the biggest young women’s media brand in the world,” holds significant influence over its readership. By endorsing an organization built on lies, deception, and a calculated manipulation of religious freedom, the magazine contributes to a culture where genuine dialogue on reproductive health takes a backseat to sensationalism and controversy.

The pro-life movement remains committed to fostering an environment where the sanctity of life is valued, genuine dialogue is encouraged, and women facing unplanned pregnancies are supported with care and compassion. The hope is that we can collectively work toward a society where the complexities of unexpected pregnancies are navigated with transparency, integrity, and a commitment to the well-being of all women — not used as an evil political stunt.

Perhaps women should expect to be exploited by The Satanic Temple in its attempt to glamorize abortion. But women deserve better from Cosmopolitan.

Andrea Trudden is vice president of communications at Heartbeat International.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of the Daily Caller.