NY Rep. Dan Goldman Says He Doesn’t Understand Why People Care About NYC Struggling With Migrants

[Screenshot Youtube Homeland Security Committee]

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Democratic New York Rep. Dan Goldman said Tuesday that he doesn’t understand why people care about New York City’s struggle with migrants.

The Homeland Security Committee was holding a subcommittee hearing entitled “Protecting our Preparedness: Assessing the Impact of the Border Crisis on Emergency Management.” The committee was discussing the ongoing crisis in the Big Apple, which has seen more than 100,000 migrants flood the city. Goldman, however, couldn’t understand why it was a topic of discussion. (RELATED: ‘Taxpayers Are Being Taken To The Cleaners’: NYC Is Paying Millions To Do Migrants’ Laundry)

“I would expect that this would be a really powerful hearing for the New York City Council but not clear why it’s one in the Congress of the United States, which seems to be fixated on New York,” Goldman began, “another bill we had last week was totally focused only as a messaging bill only on New York. I appreciate that our witnesses are buddy’s of the chairman but respectfully, none of you, other than Mr. Awawdeh, have any expertise about immigration policy and I’ve been listening to what you’ve had to say and I just wanna go through a couple of things.”

New York City Democratic Mayor Eric Adams announced the city would slash its budget to close libraries and freeze police hiring in order to handle the rising costs of the migrant crisis. Meanwhile, city workers have racked up 2.6 million hours of overtime to handle the crisis, resulting in more than $123.1 million in payouts.