Why Does The Logo For America’s 250th Birthday Look Like Absolute A**?

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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This is a travesty. An outright travesty.

The United States has a glorious birthday coming up, turning 250 on July 4, 2026. And to celebrate the upcoming ocassion, a new logo has been revealed for the party … and unfortunately, America, it’s total trash.

Celebrating the Declaration of Independence’s semi-quincentennial anniversary will surely be used to try to unite Americans. But how on earth are we supposed to unite over something that looks like complete garbage? (RELATED: Donald Trump Hilariously Blames Ron DeSantis For Florida State Not Making College Football Playoff)

The logo shows the numbers two, five and zero, with all three portrayed in a red, white and blue ribbon font. It also features the word “America” in a classic black typeface.

One of the logo’s designers, Sagi Haviv, said creating the right logo for America‘s special birthday has been rough, according to the Daily Mail. Logo designers reportedly tested it out on everything from cakes to hats to t-shirts.

And apparently… THIS is the best that he could come up with:


You talk about an epic birthday we’re going to celebrate, America being 250 years old. It’s absolutely incredible. But we’re not getting off to a very good start with this steaming pile of garbage.

I say we go back to the drawing board, and fire Sagi Haviv while we’re at it … that man did NO justice for America.

Absolute trash logo.