Christie Spotted Getting Heated With Moderators During Commercial Break After Vivek Told Him To ‘Enjoy A Nice Meal’

[Screenshot/Twitter/Noah Griffith]

Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Attendees spotted Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie getting into a heated discussion with the three moderators of Wednesday night’s GOP presidential debate during a commercial break after being told “to enjoy a nice meal” by Vivek Ramaswamy.

Christie’s opponent Vivek Ramaswamy slammed his foreign policy experience during a lively exchange between the two, ending with him telling Christie to walk off the stage and “enjoy a nice meal.” Several members of the audience booed Ramaswamy’s dig.

Following this moment, footage caught Christie, the former governor of New Jersey, speaking to Megyn Kelly, Washington Free Beacon editor-in-chief Eliana Johnson and NewsNation’s Elizabeth Vargas. It is not known what Christie discussed with them, though he appeared exasperated. (RELATED: ‘You’re Just Scum’: Vivek Gets Booed For Bring Haley’s Daughter Into Debate) 

Christie and Ramaswamy exchanged heated blows after the former New Jersey governor lamented Ramaswamy’s interruptions and called him the “most obnoxious blowhard in America.” He accused Ramaswamy of backtracking everything he says outside of the debate stage whenever he is confronted about it.

“You do this at every debate. You go out on the stump and you say something, all of us see it on video, we confront you about it on the debate stage, you say you didn’t say it, and then you back away,” Christie told Ramaswamy during the exchange.

“I’ll tell you exactly what I said, Chris,” Ramaswamy replied.

“No, I’m not done yet! Now look,” Christie interrupted. “Listen, this is the fourth debate that you would be voted in the first twenty minutes as the most obnoxious blowhard in America. So shut up.”