‘Might Be The Only One That Can Lose To Trump’: Dem Senator Swoons Over Biden After Tapper Questions Sinking Campaign

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Democratic Delaware Sen. Chris Coons stated Wednesday on CNN that President Joe Biden has a “remarkable record” to run on for 2024, after being pressed on if Biden could still beat former President Donald Trump. 

Coons appeared on “The Lead with Jake Tapper” to discuss Biden’s campaign for 2024. CNN host Jake Tapper questioned the Delaware senator if Biden was still the “best one” to run against Trump, noting how Biden recently stated that Trump was the main motivation behind his second term run. 

Coons responded quickly by using the recent mass shooting at the University of Nevada as a way to segue into Biden’s “significant” gun legislation, pivoting to the bipartisan work the president has previously done. (RELATED: Here’s Where Americans Are Feeling The Greatest Pain Under Biden’s Economy)

“Are you still sure that he’s the best one to take on Donald Trump? I understand in 2020 that was his argument — he’s the only one that can beat Trump. He’s the only one that could get that coalition together, etc. Are you sure that’s still the case? I’ve heard some Democrats say he might be the only one that can lose to Trump,” Tapper stated.

“I disagree with that, Jake — that’s for sure. Given today is another tragic day where Americans are mourning the loss of victims in a mass shooting,” Coon stated. “President Biden, last year, signed into law the most significant gun safety legislation, the most significant investments in community mental health in our Safer Communities Act, in decades.”

“He was derided in the early primaries in 2020 – in my party for being naive for believing that he could accomplish big things in a bipartisan way. And President Biden has signed into law, the largest investment in infrastructure since Eisenhower, the biggest reduction in prescription drug prices ever, the largest efforts to combat climate change, ever.” 

Coons continued to describe Trump’s alleged “extreme immigration proposals,” stating that Biden is the “right leader” for the upcoming elections. (RELATED: ‘I’m Going To Have You Thrown Off This Train’: Sen. Chris Coons Begs Reporter To Stop Asking Questions)

“He has a remarkable record on which he can run in 2020. And let me just remind you in closing Jake … former President Trump has said he wants to bring back a Muslim ban that would use religion as the basis to bar people from coming into our country and to use the National Guard to screen people throughout our country, round them up and deport them from the interior of our county,” Coons stated.  

“He has a whole series of extreme immigration proposals that don’t reflect the values of our country. President Biden ran in 2020 to oppose that, to restore the soul of our nation, and I’m convinced he’s the right leader to carry us forward in that important work.”

With inflation rising everyday costs, the ongoing southern border crisis, and crime rates surging, Biden’s approval rating among voters has hit all-time lows this year, according to CNN. A survey conducted by the outlet showed that at the beginning of the year, Biden originally had a 45% job approval rating, however, he has now dropped to 37%, with 63% of Americans disapproving of his first term. 

Seventy-one percent of Americans found that Biden’s current economic condition is poor, with 38% stating they were very poor, according to the survey. Democrat voters are now siding with Republicans on crime and policing by 14 points, immigration by another 14 points, and foreign affairs by six points, the survey noted.