‘Bunch Of Lies’: Biden Denies Interacting With Hunter’s Business Associates Despite Mountain Of New Evidence

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Reagan Reese White House Correspondent
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President Joe Biden denied that he interacted with his son’s business associates despite a new email search released by the House Ways and Means Committee apparently showing then-Vice President Biden used a pseudonym to exchange more than 50 emails with the individuals.

Mostly during the spring of 2014, Joe Biden conversed with Eric Schwerin, Hunter Biden’s business associate and accountant, using an alias, “Robin Ware,” according to an email search released Tuesday by the House Ways and Means Committee. During the time that most of the emails were exchanged, Hunter Biden joined the board of Ukrainian energy firm Burisma Holdings, the documents show. When asked about the documents on Wednesday, Biden denounced them as “lies.”  (RELATED: National Archives Identifies Key Documents Related To Joe Biden’s Apparent Email Aliases)

“On Ukraine and also China, there is polling by the Associated Press that shows that almost 70% of Americans, including 40% of Democrats, believe that you acted either illegally or unethically in regards to your family’s business interests. Can you explain to Americans, amid this impeachment inquiry, why you interacted with so many of your son and brother’s foreign business associates?” New York Post White House correspondent Steven Nelson asked after Biden’s address on support for Ukraine.

“I’m not going to comment on that. I did not. It’s just a bunch of lies,” Biden responded while Nelson tried to ask a follow up.

“I did not. They’re lies,” Biden continued before waving and exiting the Roosevelt room.

In total, the House Ways and Means Committee’s latest report shows that Biden and Schwerin communicated 327 times and Hunter Biden was copied on 38 emails from White House accounts to Joe Biden’s email alias. Biden and Schwerin emailed five times before the then-vice president went to Ukraine in June 2014, the report shows. After the June trip they emailed 27 times, the Ways and Means Committee said. Biden went back to Ukraine in November 2014. (RELATED: Here’s All The Evidence Connecting Joe Biden To Hunter Biden’s Foreign Business Dealings)

In May 2016, Biden used a separate email alias to cue his son into his planned meeting with the then-president of Ukraine, Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop archive shows.

Devon Archer, Hunter Biden’s business associate, previously testified that Joe Biden spoke about 20 times over 10 years with his son’s business associates.

House Republicans decided to launch an impeachment inquiry into the president in September regarding his alleged part in Hunter Biden’s business dealings as well as the Department of Justice (DOJ) investigation into his son’s taxes and possession of a firearm. Thirty-three percent of Americans approve of the impeachment inquiry though 68% of Americans think the president did something illegal or unethical in relation to Hunter Biden’s business.

“Hundreds of messages from alias emails raise questions of whether Joe Biden was trying to hide the existence and content of these messages. If investigators had not been stonewalled, the IRS investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax fraud and business dealings would have naturally laid bare Joe Biden’s direct involvement,” Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith said in a Wednesday statement.