Biden Does Baby Talk Impersonating A Little Girl, And It Might Be His Creepiest Moment Yet


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A clip surfaced Wednesday that might be President Joe Biden’s most bizarre and creepy moment yet.

Biden was giving a speech at the Tribal Nations Summit, and was in the middle of claiming he’d restored a bunch of protections, when he suddenly went off on one of his typical creep-mode tangents. “At the same time, preserving important and ancestral Tribal lands. I restored protections from my predecessor — gutted by my predecessor at three national monuments: Grand Staircase and Beers Ear — Bears Ears,” Biden told the crowd, as seen in a clip shared by CNBC.

“And, by the way, you know how that happened? I was in a plane, and a little girl came up to me. She said, ‘Mr. Pwesident’ — (laughter) — ‘can you take care of Beaws Ears?’ (Laughter) And I said — I said, ‘Can I…’ I thought she said can I take care of her ears. (Laughter.) And I said, ‘What, honey?’ And she said, ‘Beaws Ears. It’s really important!’ And guess what? She was dead right, and we did take care of it.”

Okay so firstly … who let a small child around Biden? It is a truth universally acknowledged that letting small children around Biden will likely result in them being sniffed, touched, and have to deal with some weird statement. Don’t believe me? (RELATED: Joe Biden Tries To Talk To Standing Guard Who Can’t Talk Back, King Charles Tries To Push Him Along)

In November 2023 (literally a few weeks ago as of the time of writing), Biden stopped another speech during a “Friendsgiving Dinner” to tell a 6-year-old girl how much he loves her ears.