Alex Jones Applauds Musk For Reinstating Him, Warns The ‘Establishment’ Will ‘Come After Him’

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Infowars founder Alex Jones applauded billionaire Elon Musk on Sunday for reinstating him to X (formerly Twitter), but gave a sharp warning that “big establishment sponsors” will “come after him.”

Jones was reinstated on the social media platform Saturday night following a Twitter poll asking users if they would want the Infowars founder back on the site. After almost 2 million votes, results showed that 70.1% of responders wanted Jones back on. (RELATED: ‘They’re Going To Kill Biden, Too’: Alex Jones And Tucker Carlson Discuss The ‘Deep State’)

The Infowars founder joined his first Twitter space Sunday afternoon to discuss his thoughts on how it feels to be back on the platform since being banned in 2018 for alleged abusive behavior. When asked if he believed that Musk would possibly receive backlash for reinstating him, Jones stated that while it might “monetarily” hurt the platform, Musk is a “rebel.”

“Well, I think you said that yesterday … But he basically said it’s the right thing to do because the principle and it’s also what the majority of the vote said. So this probably will hurt X monetarily but ‘justice be done, may the heavens fall’ basically,” Jones stated. “But at the end of the day, it already has way more traffic and way more people — it’s avant-garde, it’s revolutionary, it’s rebel, it’s Maverick.”

“I’m not kissing [Elon Musk’s] ass, it’s true. And the fact that he could take over Twitter, free it and bring back one of the most demonized people — if not the most demonized in the world, talk about a witch hunt — shows he put his money where his mouth is and is the Maverick’s Maverick.”

Jones continued to state that while he was on Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson’s show last week, he had predicted establishments like the ADL and CIA will “come after” Musk “at a never-before-seen level.” The Infowars founder additionally claimed they are attempting to “bully” Musk because they know Jones is a “rebel populist” figure that the “establishment fears.” (RELATED: Elon Musk Could Be Making Yet Another Massive Gamble)

“So I said, ‘Look, I understand he knows I’ve been so demonized, so lied about, they built me into the devil’s devil at an emotional level of so many people that they will absolutely come after him at a never before seen level — this happens,'” Jones stated. 

“And the ADL, the CIA and the Justice Department and the Southern Poverty Law Center, Media Matters — they were already doing it when I was taping the interview like three weeks ago. But since then, all those big establishment sponsors who are already being boycotted by the American people, by the way … Well, now they’re trying to bully Elon, to bully the American people, the people of the world.” 

“But I think … as soon as they did that to him, even though he tried to, you know, basically work with them, was being very very fair … As soon as they doubled down he said, ‘You know what? Screw you, I’ll go ahead then and release the Kraken.’ And it’s not that I’m that good on Twitter or that I’m even that great of a talk show host. It’s the symbol of what they built of Alex Jones is now an archetype of the rebel populist and what the establishment fears. And so what Elon did was really throw down the gauntlet,” Jones stated.

Jones and his Infowars show were “permanently suspended” from Twitter in 2018. Platforms like YouTube, Apple and Facebook banned the commentator as well, according to NPR. The social media platform, owned by Jack Dorsey at the time, was one of the last to kick Jones off, alleging he had violated their “abusive behavior policy,” the outlet reported.

Following the final verdict from Twitter, Jones posted a video claiming that he was taken down because he and the Infowars show were telling “the truth” and that they were “popular.”

“This is the deep state striking back and really pressuring these tech firms to censor,” Jones stated, according to NPR.