Video Shows Cars In Seattle Intentionally Mowing Down Pedestrians

(Screenshot/YouTube/Seattle Police Department)

Mariane Angela Contributor
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Authorities in Seattle are urgently calling for public assistance in a case involving two vehicular assaults, Fox News reported Sunday.

The incidents were captured on surveillance and cell phone footage, which allegedly show pedestrians being deliberately targeted by a vehicle, according to Fox News.

The first hit-and-run occurred Nov. 26. In the footage, a car is seen aggressively speeding towards a woman and allegedly striking her intentionally. Bystanders quickly came to her aid, and a vehicle was seen stopping to lift the injured woman into the passenger seat before driving off, per the outlet.

The second assault, occurring just blocks away from the first, involved another unsuspecting pedestrian, per Fox News. The victim was walking in a bus lane when allegedly struck from behind by the vehicle, resulting in them being hurled over the car’s hood.

These graphic videos, released by the Seattle Police Department, suggest severe injuries may have been inflicted on the victims due to the vehicular speed.

“The Seattle Police Department is investigating two separate hit and runs that have me extremely concerned. Our detectives recently obtained of the callous crimes on Aurora,” Seattle Police Department said in a statement. (RELATED: Son Allegedly Kills Father By Running Him Over Multiple Times Outside Bar)

Despite extensive investigative efforts, including reviewing 911 calls, hospital admissions and canvassing for witnesses, the victims remain unidentified, Fox News reported.

The Seattle Police Department was concerned by these violent incidents as the authorities has not yet been able to locate the assailants, per Fox News. The police are now urging anyone with information about these attacks to come forward. Citizens are encouraged to contact the Violent Crimes Tip Line at (206) 233-5000.