A Missing Finger And Different Legs, What The Hell Happened To The Royal Family Christmas Card?

Jonathan Brady - Pool/Getty Images

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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The Royal family is being trolled after Prince Louis fell victim to a terrible Photoshop fail on this year’s royal family Christmas card.

The 5-year-old is featured alongside his siblings, Kate Middleton and Prince William on the holiday card that was shared to social media by the royal family Saturday, but fans noticed the poor child’s finger was cut off and his leg looked wonky in what appears to be an epic editing fail. Prince Louis posed next to a chair, and had one hand resting on it — but his finger appeared to be amputated and his leg didn’t even look like it could be attached to his body in its strange position. How did the royal family screw up something so simple?

You’d think of all the families in the world, the royals would have a team of people in place to ensure bizarre mistakes like this didn’t happen — but apparently not.

The botched card is gaining a lot of attention online. Many people from around the globe are wondering how it’s possible they weren’t able to notice the error, but nobody working for the royal family was able to pick up on it and repair the mistake before it reached the masses.

“Whose legs are these?” one fan wrote, while another weighed in by tweeting “Prince Louis finger is missing, also they have photoshopped someone else’s leg onto his 😒 I certainly hope taxpayers didn’t pay for it.”

Other comments included, “Why is your son missing a finger? And whose legs are those? You should get a new Photoshop person. #PhotoshopFails,” and “Please watch some ‘Editing photos in Photoshop’ tutorials on YT next time. They are free and easy to follow.”(RELATED: ‘I’m Definitely Not Strict!’: Kate Middleton Speaks Out About Raising Royal Children)

It seems wild this would be overlooked, and people are having a blast mocking the royal family online.

It’s a fabulously funny way to end 2023.