‘We All Want Daddy Trump Back’: John Daly Reveals The Quiet Truth About Pro Golfers To Tucker


Robert McGreevy Contributor
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Legendary pro golfer John Daly revealed he and fellow golfers all want former President Donald Trump back in office, telling Tucker Carlson “We all want Daddy Trump back” in an interview released Tuesday afternoon.

Carlson asked Daly about his politics, noting he’s open about his views, to which Daly responded “Yeah, where’s common sense in our country?” Carlson then asked if he believed the majority of his fellow golfers agreed with his views. “Yeah,” Daly replied “I think all of us, on the tours and everything … we all want Daddy Trump back.”

“Really?” Carlson asked, laughing. “Why?”

“Because he was a great president, and he’s a great guy once you get to know him,” Daly responded.

Daly then recounted a story from the early ’90s when Trump predicted his future presidency. “We played a pro-am, we went out back we talked a little bit, and when he stood up he said ‘Mark my words I will be President of the United States one day.'”

Daly went on to call Trump “an unbelievably smart individual” and said “People gotta get behind him.” (RELATED: FLASHBACK: Trump Predicted LIV-PGA Merger)

Carlson continued to press the point, reiterating, “So among professional golfers, that’s like a pretty common view?”

“No doubt,” Daly replied confidently.

It wasn’t all praise from Daly, however. The two-time major winner did say Trump needs to work on his golf game. “I gotta work with his chipping a little bit. He hits it good, he puts it good, we just gotta work on his chipping,” Daly claimed.

He went on to say Trump “needs to win, I pray to God he wins … just for the satisfaction of bringing our country back together, get some common sense going in here again. Look what he did, in four years. How great was our country in the four years he was in office? And now look at it. No secure borders. Prices out of the roof. I mean what the hell happened? Where did it go? I mean, I was loving the four years that Daddy Trump was in. And it’s all gone to hell.”