‘I Told The B*tch To Go F*ck Herself’: Unreleased John Daly Moment Is An Instant Classic

Screenshot/Country Club Adjacent/YouTube

Ilan Hulkower Contributor
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A viral video dated Sept. 18 of golfing icon John Daly shows him playing the “back-off challenge” and addressing a rumor that he threw $55,000 out of the window.

The short video, which has garnered nearly 300,000 views, started with a member of the Country Club Adjacent podcast asking Daly during a tee shot about the legendary rumor. “John, I heard you once threw 55K out of the window, do you know that’s not how you pay taxes?” one of the comedians asks.

“I already paid taxes, I told the b*tch to go f*ck herself,” Daly responded. “Go down and get yourself b*tch.” (RELATED: John Daly Has Epic Response To Joke That He’d Sleep With Hillary Clinton)

Daly’s professional golfing career began in 1987 and he shortly had his first professional golf tournament victory in the Missouri Open of the same year, according to his bio. “He is primarily known for his driving distance off the tee, earning him the nickname “Long John,” his bio added.

The golfer is known for his eccentric nature. Daly recently rolled up to the music concert in New York back on June 26 in a golf cart and enjoyed the concert from his vehicle. He also got his own branded menu at Hooters that features a hot dog item called “Big Johns Dogs.”