Video Shows Crash That Resulted In Eggs Smothering Highway, Road Closure

[Public/Screenshot/Twitter/User: Trooper Rick Johnson, @wspd2pio]

Alexander Pease Contributor
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Dashcam footage shows the tense moment where two semi-trucks appear to collide, resulting in the spillage of eggs adorning a major highway in Issaqua, Washington early Tuesday.

Washington State Trooper public information officer Rick Johnson documented the chronology of the ordeal in a series of posts on Twitter, from the crash all the way to the final clean-up stages where workers scrubbed the egg yoke off the major highway. In those posts a video shows the two trucks apparently ramming into each other.

The crash and subsequent spillage took place on State Route 18, close to the Raging River Bridge in Issaqua (which is just east of Seattle), according to a separate Twitter post by the Washington State Department of Transportation. It took place at 3:50 a.m. (RELATED: Semi-Trailer Crash Covers Utah Highway In Millions Of French Fries)

Clean up operation efforts lasted several hours, with all lanes being closed for the extended period of time, per Officer Johnson’s series of Tweets. (RELATED: 20 Cows Dead After Cattle Trailer Flips Over On Connecticut Interstate)

In another video, Officer Johnson captured on tape a small river of runny bright yellow egg yoke streaming along down the then-closed Washington highway.

Both of the truck drivers involved in the collision survived the incident without suffering any serious injuries, according to Officer Johnson.

“Impairment” is not believed to be the reason behind the accident, per the officer.