Plastic Surgeon Breaks Down Kylie Jenner ‘Morphing’ Into Radically Different Looking Person


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Kylie Jenner has repeatedly denied undergoing facial plastic surgery, but a plastic surgeon shared his perspective of her radically changed face in a recent social media post.

“Kylie Jenner’s face has changed fairly dramatically over the years and it seems to be due to probably a little bit more than just fillers,” a man dressed in a plastic surgeon’s outfit said in a recent video posted to Instagram by RedPillHub. “Kylie Jenner denies having all facial plastic surgery, except for facial fillers — do we believe her?”


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The cosmetic surgeon assessed side-by-side images of Jenner: One from her youth, and a more current snap.

“Looking at her face, we can see she started out with a rather rounder face, with features a little bit out of balance,” he said about her youthful photo.

He then described what he saw in the recent photo.

“Then she kind of morphed into this very proportionate heart-shaped face with features that are definitely more defined, sculpted and balanced,” he added.

The cosmetic surgeon claimed this was “very suspicious for several different procedures,” and explained his assessment step-by-step.

“Starting from the top down, if you look at her eyes and her brow we do see some reshaping there,” he said. “Heavier upper lids to more open and raised upper eyelids. So it is a little suspicious for an upper blepharoplasty, which is an upper eyelid surgery, to open the upper eyes.” (RELATED: ‘I Wanted To Get A Revenge Face’: Julie Chen Says She Went Under The Knife For Her Job)

“Some of that could be due to some botox, and some lifting and reshaping of the brow, but the upper eyelid is a little suspicious,” he concluded for fans who wondered if Jenner was being truthful about her “natural” beauty.