Grammy Winner Who Refuses To Work With Morgan Wallen Makes Embarrassing Comment

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Some guy no one’s ever heard of told Billboard, Thursday, that he’d never work with the most successful man in music, Morgan Wallen, ever again … for the most pointless reason ever.

Grammy winner Shane McAnally (who??) who co-wrote Wallen’s hit song, “7 Summers” told Billboard that he’d never work with the superstar again because of his perceived “gap in political views.” McAnally has apparently co-written for a bunch of people, and is clearly towing his corporate overlord master’s line by refusing to work with Wallen again.

“I feel so outside of things. Country music is dominating right now, but it’s the artists I don’t work with — Morgan Wallen, Luke Combs and Zach Bryan — so for this nomination to come now is a big deal. There’s a gap in political views for me, with Morgan specifically, and they’re just from a different group,” McAnally told the outlet. Clearly it’s a group — the most successful in the country in 2023 — who McAnally doesn’t want to work with.

“I don’t want to stereotype or lump everyone together, but sometimes you just feel outside while other people are killing it, and to be acknowledged this year, when [my work] wasn’t maybe as commercially obvious as some of my past years, feels amazing. I also feel really good about the integrity of this group of [nominees]. I think I’m really good at this, and I’ve worked my ass off, but it feels really nice to be acknowledged right now,” he continued.

Tragically, McAnally’s extremely prejudiced statements against Wallen come just days after the singer admitted he didn’t get involved in politics because he’s not really sharp enough to understand it. But apparently being dumb when it comes to politics isn’t good enough for McAnally. (RELATED: Morgan Wallen’s Success Is Giant Slap In The Face To One Washed-Up Pop Star)

I wonder who this statement is going to hurt more in the long run: Wallen, or McAnally? Would you ever feel safe working with someone who says things like this?  I definitely wouldn’t.