Morgan Wallen Finally Makes Country Cool In The Music Capital

(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images)

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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More than 20,000 people showed up Sunday to see Morgan Wallen perform at the 02 Arena in London, finally teaching the Brits what modern country music is all about.

To most Brits, country music goes as far as North Carolina’s greatest export, James Taylor (no offense, Nicholas Sparks, aviation, etc.). You’ll often hear people or news outlets like The Telegraph claim bands like Eagles are technically country, which is obviously and hilariously incorrect, and goes to show how disinterested most Brits are in all things American country music … but not anymore.

While The Telegraph only gave Wallen a 3/5 star rating for his performance, their reviewer was the one who believes Eagles are country, so what the flying flip does he know? The same reviewer said the only reason Wallen is popular in Britain is because he allows girls to dress up in country “cosplay” and music streaming algorithms forced his music upon the masses.

Hmmm. Call me crazy, but perhaps Wallen has finally broken down the country door to Britain because he’s actually really, really, really good? He’s an incredible songwriter, the likes of which I’ve not heard since the early days of Robbie Williams. And his vocal range is just as superb. (RELATED: Country Music Star Craig Morgan Reenlists At Age 59)

So, listen, Wallen. If you or your team happen to read this piece, here’s what you need to know: British people hate successful Americans. They hate liking things America made. According to most Brits, Americans are a bunch of redneck, gun-loving, freedom-supporting psychopaths who hate tea. The only great thing to come out of Britain in most of modern history is pop culture and music. Therefore, Brits think they own it, and hate anyone with universal success in the industry (unless they’re British, except Robbie Williams).

Being hated by the British press should be worn as a badge of honor for any musician. It means you’re doing something right, and those losers hate that they can’t be you.