John Daly Stuns Tucker With The Number Of Diet Cokes He Could Drink In One Day


Julianna Frieman Contributor
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Golf legend John Daly stunned Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson with the number of Diet Cokes he could drink in one day.

Daly disclosed the amount of Diet Coke he is capable of consuming in a day during an interview alongside musician Kid Rock and Carlson posted Saturday. Kid Rock said he used to cook breakfast for Daly every day, explaining that he would make the golfer eggs only to be asked if “they got any Diet Coke.” Kid Rock recalled that Daly would then drink three of the sodas in one sitting.

“How many do you drink a day? Diet Cokes?” Carlson asked.

“Not as many as Daddy Trump,” Daly said. “My god, I thought I could drink them, but man, he can drink them.”

“He’s unbelievable,” Carlson said.

“He does put them away,” Kid Rock added.

Former President Donald Trump was known for his diet of McDonald’s and Diet Coke. When asked about the president’s “excellent health” and lack of exercise in 2018, then-presidential physician Dr. Ronny Jackson told reporters that Trump has “incredibly good genes.” (RELATED: ‘They Got The Message’: Kid Rock Breaks Down Bud Light Reaction With Tucker, Says It’s Time To ‘Move On’)

“Yeah. I used to put them away,” Daly said. “I used to have about 20 to 22 up in a day.”

“Twenty-two diet cokes a day?” Carlson exclaimed.

“Yeah,” Daly confirmed.

“And you’re getting all your hydration from Diet Coke?” Carlson asked.

Pretty much, yeah,” Daly said as the three began to laugh. “I could probably outlast a camel when it comes to if I have to drink water. I can’t stand water.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean,” Carlson said.

“I hate it,” Daly said.

“See what I’m dealing with here?” Kid Rock joked.

Daly justified his Diet Coke diet by stating that the beverage contains both ice and water. When asked by Carlson why he “pulled back” on drinking as many Diet Cokes as he used to, Daly was uncertain.

“I don’t know, I just don’t drink as many,” Daly replied, lifting his beverage. “I drink a lot of these now.

“Right, because there’s no Vodka in Diet Coke,” Carlson said.

“Right, Daly replied. “Now unless you pour some in there.”