Woman Allegedly Rapes Autistic Brother-In-Law, Births His Child

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Dana Abizaid Contributor
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Florida authorities arrested a woman for allegedly raping her autistic brother-in-law and giving birth to his child, a local outlet reported Monday.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office arrested Amanda Brooks, 34, on Dec. 10, charging her with crimes connected to sexually abusing the autistic man over 10 years, according to Fox 35. Authorities were initially alerted to the case by Brooks herself, who claimed in June 2022 that she was sexually assaulted by her husband and his younger brother, Fox 35 reported. (REPORT: Police Charge Recently Divorced Ex-Teacher For Allegedly Raping Teen Boy)

Brooks allegedly listed several incidents between February and April 2022, claiming that she was “coerced and forced” to engage in sex and was “verbally and psychologically abused,” according to the affidavit.

Due to the alleged abuse, Brooks said that she fled with her family to the Orlando area, Fox 35 reported. Brooks then provided authorities with detailed messages from friends that depicted her as a “victim of abuse and mistreatment by the family of her husband, and continued to insist she was being harassed by them about her having left with her children,” the affidavit said.

However, in July 2022, the mother of Brooks’ autistic brother-in-law claimed that Brooks victimized her son and allegedly raped him, the affidavit said, according to Fox 35.

Brooks allegedly forced herself on the autistic man numerous times over 10 years, deputies said. The autistic man’s mother told deputies her son could not resist and could not have consented, according to Fox 35.

The alleged victim told deputies that Brooks forced sex on him four times over 10 years and that he could recall incidents from March and May 2022 when he told Brooks “no” and “they shouldn’t do this,” the affidavit said, according to Fox 35. Brooks allegedly replied, “be quiet,” don’t “tell anyone” and “it was okay” because it “made her feel good.”

DNA samples taken from Brooks’ husband, brother-in-law, and the unborn child in April and May 2022 showed that the brother-in-law was the baby’s biological father, the outlet reported.

Police arrested Brooks on Dec. 10. She is currently being in Monroe County on a $150,000 bond, according to the outlet.