Meghan Markle Sinks To Incredible New Lows In Bizarre Coffee Ad


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Meghan Markle went from being Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex, to her most recent gig … a coffee girl in a promo ad.

It’s a long fall from Buckingham palace to the brand advertising world, and Markle just hit the bottom pretty hard. She once was served beverages on command while living like a royal, but now, she’s shlepping the coffee in a really boring commercial that practically makes fun of her from start to finish.


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Markle was the star of an Instagram ad that has only been “liked” a bit over 5,000 in times in 24 hours. That’s a sharp fall from grace/

Markle leaned back into acting as a way of earning a few bucks, and this time, she seems to have done it at the cost of her own dignity.

She plays the role of a hard-working intern in a simple ad created for coffee company, Clevr Blends.

The brand’s CEO, Hannah Mendoza, is shown giving a “tour” of their headquarters, and Markle appears as the desperate coffee assistant in each and every scene.

“I want to give a huge shoutout to our amazing Clevr team here at HQ. Without them, we are nothing,” Mendoza said.

Markle was seen in the background with a descriptor saying she was “lovingly packing … lattes”

The video then shows Markle typing on a computer in the background, as Mendoza said, “[Here is] our very smart, only slightly nerdy digital team, making sure the website doesn’t crash again like it did last year,” with a sarcastic look on her face.

Mendoza walked through the office, and Markle then stooped so low she delivered a coffee right into Mendoza’s hand.

“Finally, the glue that literally holds us all together,” Mendoza said.

Markle walked toward the camera with a folder in her hand and held a phone to her ear.

She fumbled a fist-bump and walked off-camera.

Fans have flooded social media with all kinds of mockery, making fun of Markle’s nosedive performance.(RELATED: Did Disney Just Troll The Royal Family?)

“Guess this is her doing her 1 hour a week of work. From representing the late Queen to a packer,” one hater wrote. “How the mighty have fallen. Love it 🤣🤣🤣.” wrote another fan.

Just to be clear — we value all the coffee workers out there … it’s just sad Markle now makes a living “pretending” she’s one of them.