Michael Jordan Allegedly Told Julian Edelman ‘Don’t F*ck It Up’ Regarding ‘A Bunch Of Money’ He Bet On Super Bowl

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Michael Jordan is such a G!

When it comes to being an athlete, the pinnacle of pressure certainly has to be playing in the Super Bowl, so with stress, you really don’t want any outside negative energy coming at you outside of what happens on the gridiron.

However, New England Patriots legend and Super Bowl champion Julian Edelman had to deal with exactly that before Super Bowl XLIX, and on such a massive scale considering the added pressure was coming from Michael Jordan. Yes, that Michael Jordan — His Airness, six-time NBA champion, the greatest of all-time, whatever you wanna call him.

Speaking on a recent episode of his “Games With Names” podcast while hosting comedian Bert Kreischer, Edelman told a story about how he met both Jordan and Derek Jeter before the 2015 edition of the Super Bowl in Glendale. (RELATED: What’s Going On? Colts Shockingly Suspend Two Players For The Rest Of The Season In The Middle Of Playoff Race)

“And I’m super starstruck,” said Edelman. “And I’m about to play in the Super Bowl. I go up — and you could tell Jeter’s a very charming guy, welcoming. I go up [and say], ‘Mr. Jeter, I’m Julian Edelman. I’m playing in the Super Bowl.’ I felt weird introducing myself, but I wanted to meet him.”

Jordan, on the other hand, wasn’t as friendly, only issuing Edelman one simple message, according to the former player.

“I started talking with Jeter and everything’s good,” Edelman explained. “And as soon as the conversation’s about to end like five minutes in [and] I’m about to leave, Jordan comes up to me and he goes, ‘Hey kid, I got a bunch of money on you. Don’t f*ck it up.’ And that’s the only thing he said to me.”


Michael Jordan … a sports betting legend.