Utah Jazz Takes Swipe At Michael Jordan In One Of The Most Creative And Hilarious Ways Imaginable

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Shoutout to the Utah Jazz for this one.

The 1998 NBA Finals was a heartbreaking one for Utah Jazz fans after Chicago Bulls superstar Michael Jordan outright destroyed the hopes and dreams of their team with an iconic shot. And despite it happening 25 years ago, the franchise still can’t get over it.

Ryan Smith, who is the owner of the Jazz, made an appearance Wednesday afternoon on “The Pat McAfee Show” and spoke about his experience growing up as a die-hard fan of Utah. And as a loyalist (and now the owner), he has a very strong memory of 1998 — the same year that Jordan and Chi-Town won their third consecutive NBA championship, doing so in Salt Lake City.

The moment that’s remembered the most in that NBA Finals took place in Game 6, when Jordan knocked down one of the most legendary shots in the history of the NBA over Bryon Russell. And to this day, Jazz fans swear up and down that MJ pushed off on what was the game-winning shot with only five seconds remaining on the clock.

Well, you can count Smith in the “he pushed off” camp, with that being quite evident when you examine the WiFi name that the Jazz use in their Delta Center.

“There was a lot of discussion happening between Michael Jordan and the Jazz fans that year I remember,” said Smith. “Whether it was the pizza, getting sick, going to Vegas, whatever it was. The WiFi in the building is ‘Jordan pushed off.’” (RELATED: Goodness Gracious: This Easily Has To Be The Worst Technical And Ejection In The History Of The NBA)

The official Twitter account of the Jazz went on to hilariously confirm the WiFi name with a screenshot, and yeah … it actually is “JordanPushedOff.”

Michael Jordan has insisted that he didn’t push off, calling it “bullshit.”


Hilarious! You gotta love the saltiness!