Video Shows Travis Scott Narrowly Evading An Out-Of-Control Prop On Stage


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Travis Scott jumped to safety and narrowly evaded injury when a prop on his concert stage nearly ran him over.

The famous rapper had a close call during his concert at Barclays Center in New York City on Tuesday night. Video of the moment showed the star singing to the packed crowd as a huge prop in the shape of a head moved behind him. The prop continued moving toward Scott while he sang and completely failed to stop. It pushed right into his back and he reacted by jumping off the stage, as seen in the video posted by TMZ.

Scott was in the middle of his performance on what appeared to be an elevated portion of the stage. He was focused on his singing and was entertaining the crowd – seemingly unaware of the danger that was unfolding behind him.

The video showed the prop bumping into him from behind, which triggered an immediate response from the star. He leaped and jumped down to the lower stage.

Scott’s reaction was fluid, and he landed swiftly on both feet. The microphone remained in his hand, and he continued to sing the lyrics. He appeared to be fine and didn’t look back to investigate the situation at all.


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Fostering the mentality of ‘the show must go on,’ Scott continued his set, pausing only briefly to engage with a crew member who leaned into the lower stage, seemingly offering assistance to the star. He eventually took the stage for a brief moment, as Scott whispered something into his ear. (RELATED: Video Shows Chevy Chase Falling Off Stage During Public Appearance)

Sources close to the matter said there were no other issues with the remainder of the concert, according to TMZ.