SCOOPS: Joe Biden’s Immigration Crisis Has Finally Gone A Step Too Far

(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Scoops Delacroix Freelance Writer
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This columnist typically weighs in on sports, not politics, so the hordes of immigrants pouring across America’s southern border hasn’t particularly been on my radar when things like John Daly’s breakfast routine and liberal attempts to destroy football are in the news.

But now, the porous state of the border has hit the sports world. First they took our jobs, then they took our votes and now, they’re taking our baseball teams.

You probably heard about Japanese phenom Shohei Ohtani, arguably a top-5 hitter AND pitcher in baseball, signing with the Los Angeles Dodgers recently for a whopping $700 million contract for 10 years of play. The rich getting richer in Biden’s America yet again.

That was bad enough. But this week, things went from not good to worse: Yoshinobu Yamamoto, an ace pitcher from the Japanese league, just got a $375 million contract from the Dodgers, making him the highest-paid pitcher in MLB history.

Unlike Ohtani, Yamamoto didn’t even need to throw a single pitch in the MLB to get this fat bag. The fact that President Joe Biden is allowing unproven, untested Japanese immigrants to come across the Pacific Ocean and take high-paying American jobs that his own people would be more than happy to do is an affront that cannot stand. (RELATED: LeBron James Sits Down During The National Anthem In Completely Disgraceful Move)

The Dodgers have always had a penchant for trying to buy championships, and typically it doesn’t work out for them (the 2020 Mickey Mouse COVID “championship” doesn’t count). And they’re in for a rude awakening if they think they can import their way to a ring. The United States has won the World Series in 29 consecutive years dating back to 1993, when the Toronto Blue Jays went back-to-back. And as a Canadian, I can say with authority that we’re practically an American colony anyways.

So go ahead Biden-Dodgers — try to outsource your way to glory thanks to the lax import controls and immigration laws this White House has burdened the country with. America’s teams will be waiting.