‘Dream Candidate For China’: Former Intelligence Director Warns China Will ‘Intensify Efforts’ On Voters To Help Biden

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe warned Sunday that China will push to help President Joe Biden for the 2024 election, stating that he’s the “dream candidate for China.”

Ratcliffe appeared on “Sunday Morning Futures” to discuss the growing relationship between China and the Biden administration. Host Maria Bartiromo questioned the Radcliffe on what he believes Biden and China’s president, Xi Jinping, discussed during their recent meeting in November, noting Xi’s firm stance on Taiwan. 

Ratcliffe stated it “underscores” why China’s officials could want Biden to be president, highlighting how Biden was steamrolled by China’s firm stance on Taiwan. (RELATED: ‘Caused So Many Problems’: Phone Call Sheds Light On Why The Biden Admin Delayed Response To Chinese Spy Balloon)  

“Well, I think that underscores why they wanted Joe Biden to be the president. That’s exactly what President Xi and the readout from Biden’s own White House acknowledges — that he said ‘I’m taking Taiwan. I want to do it peacefully. But either way, I’m going to take it. I’m going to reunify Taiwan.’ And you know, there was no response from Joe Biden,” Ratcliffe stated. “We know that from the White House.”

“And the appropriate response, of course, would have been and should have been, ‘Look, we’ve respected the One China policy but we also respect Taiwan’s right to self-governance and self-determination. And if you interfere, all bets are off.'” 

“But those are the messages that have never been delivered by Joe Biden. You know, the same Joe Biden and the administration that won’t confront China on COVID, wouldn’t confront China on the spy balloon — all of these are the reasons why Joe Biden is in many ways the dream candidate for China to continue for the next four years, they’ve advanced so much,” Ratcliffe stated.

Ratcliffe continued to call out how China has “gained footholds” while everything has “gone poorly” for the United States. The former national intelligence director also emphasized the ways he believes China will “intensify their efforts” towards influencing voters for the upcoming elections. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: CCP-Tied Firm Slated To Build Massive Facility Near Sensitive US Military Sites)

“They’ve undermined us in the Middle East. They’ve gained footholds further in the Asian Pacific regions. Everything has gone well for China from their foreign policy standpoint, and it’s gone poorly for us. So obviously, clearly, they want that to continue,” Ratcliffe stated.

“And so what, Maria, they’re going to do and what the acknowledgement is, is they’re going to intensify their efforts, meaning they’re going to deploy cyber weapons to try and influence, you know, election infrastructure. It means they’re going to engage in social media influence campaign to influence American voters, and they’re going to do the things that they can to help Joe Biden continue to be president because it is good for China if he is.”

Biden and Xi met face-to-face in early November for the first time in a year during the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit amid tensions between the two countries, specifically over the control of Taiwan. While discussions overall pointed to a unity between the two, the Chinese leader reportedly told the president that China has plans to reunify with Taiwan.

Although Beijing had requested that Biden make a public announcement to denounce Taiwan’s independence during the summit, the White House ultimately rejected the suggestion. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, however, had made previous statements during a June press conference in Beijing.