ESPN Sugar Bowl Flasher Offered Lucrative Opportunity By Camsoda: REPORT


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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The woman who flashed a boob during ESPN’s Sugar Bowl broadcast has reportedly been offered a whole lot of money to do it again.

Camsoda reportedly offered the unnamed woman $100,000 to perform an encore on their platform, according to TMZ. They issued a proposal, Tuesday, noting they are desperately trying to identify and locate the woman responsible for the boob-flash, and hope they can connect with her.

The adult entertainment company is reportedly offering the woman the one-time payout in exchange for a live, one-hour webcam show they hope to air during the second week of January.

“One could argue that she was the real MVP of the game last night,” Camsoda Vice President Daryn Parker said in a statement, according to TMZ.

“We see a lot of breasts on our platform but these certainly caught our eyes … and all of America’s. I didn’t know ESPN was into that kind of stuff!” they added.

The woman exposed her breast while ESPN cameras panned civilians walking on Bourbon Street during Monday night’s broadcast of the Washington Huskies and Texas Longhorns game.

ESPN has since issued a public apology over the incident.

“We regret that this happened and apologize that the video aired in the telecast,” ESPN’s Bill Hofheimer commented in a statement released to The Associated Press. (RELATED: ESPN Issues Apology After On-Air Boob Flash)

In spite of their apology, ESPN faced backlash from The Parents Television and Media Council, who argued the network should have used their few-second delay to buffer out nude flash.

The video has since gone viral online, but the woman has not yet come forward to reveal her identity or to take Camsoda up on their offer. It remains unknown if she will pursue their proposal.