Video Appears To Show Defendant Launching At Judge After She Denies Him Probation


Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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A man appeared to attack Nevada Judge Mary Kay Holthus during a Wednesday hearing, according to KNTV.

The video footage, obtained by the outlet, showed Holthus reading off a sentencing before yelling could be heard off camera. The man could then be seen leaping over the judge’s stand while apparently attempting to grab Holthus as security tried to detain him. (RELATED: Video Shows ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ Actor Being Jumped By Group Of Bikers On NYE)

The alleged attacker has been identified as Delone Redden, who was being sentenced by Holthus for aggravated battery with substantial bodily harm, according to KNTV. Redden had previously pleaded guilty within a former hearing, the outlet reported.

Prior to the incident, Holthus had denied Redden’s request from probation due to his former criminal history and began to list his jail time to the court, KNTV reported.

“I appreciated that but I think it’s time that he get a taste of something else, because I just can’t with that history. In accordance with the laws in the state of Nevada,” Holthus said before Redden allegedly launched himself at her.

Redden can be seen apparently slamming Holthus to the ground before allegedly punching her, according to KNTV. Expletives could also be heard from bystanders and security within the court as they attempted to remove Redden from off of the judge. (RELATED: California Homeless Man Found Not Guilty After Allegedly Attacking Former San Francisco Fire Commissioner)

Holthus is reportedly being monitored, only experiencing some injuries that were not identified by the Las Vegas District Court, KNTV reported. The marshal, who had attempted to help intervene, was reportedly transported to the hospital following the incident and sustained injuries as well, the outlet reported.

“We commend the heroic acts of her staff, law enforcement, and all others who subdued the defendant. The court remains committed to a safe and secure courthouse and courtrooms. We are reviewing all our protocols and will do whatever is necessary to protect the judiciary, the public, and our employees,” the district court told KNTV.

Redden was sentenced to prison Monday by Holthus after he had allegedly refused to be transported to appear in court Jan. 4 for new charges relating to attacking the judge, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal.

Redden is being held in custody with a $54,000 bail, and faces a slew of new charges that include coercion and extortion, the outlet reported.