‘Sense Of Loss’: Tarot Card Reader Appears On Fox To Predict What’s In Store For Trump And Biden In 2024

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Samuel Spencer Contributor
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Fox News host Jesse Watters invited a tarot card reader to perform a reading during his show Tuesday night, and her prediction for former President Donald Trump was less than ideal.

Paula Roberts, an English psychic, pulled one card for Trump and another for President Joe Biden.

For Trump, she drew the Five of Cups, which she interpreted as predicting a “sense of loss” for him in the new year.

The Five of Cups portrays a hooded figure mourning over three spilled chalices while ignoring the two that remain upright and full. According to thetarotguide.com, the card “can represent sadness, loss, loneliness and despair” and indicate that the subject of the reading is “focusing on the negative.”

Roberts went on to tell Watters that Trump’s card wasn’t as bad as it sounded.

“But it’s very specific … It’s as if he may be thinking more about what he’s lost and not still taking full advantage of what he still has,” she said.

“That’s a great interpretation, Paula,” Watters responded.

“It’s true, I don’t make it up,” she replied, laughing.

Roberts then pulled the Nine of Pentacles for Biden, predicting that the current president’s year would include “lots and lots and lots and lots of money.” Watters sarcastically asked if the money would come from China.

“Oh you are cheeky,” the physic replied, refusing to comment further.

After Roberts finished her readings of Trump and Biden, Watters requested that the psychic predict his future as well. (RELATED: ‘You Trying To Kill Yourself?’: Fox Hosts Blast Biden’s Sunburn After Vacation)

Roberts complied, drawing the Knight of Swords and explaining to Watters that it was associated with an “aspect of the young, dynamic, very, very bright person.” She also told the Fox host that she’d done a reading on him before the show and come up with three other words that might shape his coming year: “Greece,” “Australia” and “baby.”