ROOKE: A Year In The Life Of Aella Reveals Future The Left Wants For Women

(Photo by EVA MARIE UZCATEGUI/AFP via Getty Images)

Mary Rooke Commentary and Analysis Writer
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The Left wants women to embrace their sexuality, and they demonize anyone who dares to tell them there is a better, happier way to live.

Author of the Knowingless blog and self-proclaimed OnlyFans top earner, Aella, posted a breakdown of what she did in 2023, showcasing the vapidness that comes when you live a selfish life — and it’s just as depressing as one can imagine.

Aella is a prostitute who made a lot of money from porn and OnlyFans after leaving her Christian family and didn’t go to college. She claims to use her life experiences in the “sex worker” arena to research sexual fetishes (with unscientific user polls on Twitter).

She claims online to be very happy with her life, but when she details how she spent the last 365 days, it highlights the emptiness that comes from living a life of self-obsession.

“here we go again, my 2023 in stats,” Aella posted. “Image is my mood each day. # of days in the year I ___

went outside: 248

socialized: 171

pooped: 192

worked: 162

took a stimulant: 71

drank alcohol: 121

danced: 65

had sex: 39

cried: 55

wrote: 38

gamed: 73

had a good meal: 53

showered: 37

traveled: 37

masturbated: 32

exercised: 59

phenibut: 22

bawled: 7

did art: 2

was sick: 8

meditated/circled: 8

escorted: 3

took a psychedelic: 5

weed: 0

migraine: 3.”

She drank more days than she showered, admitted to escorting three times, only ate 53 good meals and failed to go outside or socialize every day. She had less sex than an average married couple.

This is the life the Left wants for all women.

They obsess over women embracing casual sex, abortion and other social issues that encourage them away from living traditional lives. And for what? To be left alone with gaming and alcohol as their only companions? (ROOKE: Give Young Women 30 Seconds Of Masculinity, And Watch The Feminism Melt Away)

Aella spent an entire year doing nothing of substance. By her own admission, she didn’t bring new life or art into this world that helped shape humanity for the better. “compared to last year, I seem to have been more ‘productive’ – more work, travel, socializing, and exercise, but less flourishing – less writing, art, and sex,” she posted.

The Left celebrates this type of existence because admitting that she’s wasting the best years of her life on masturbation and casual sex would heal the destruction caused by their promotion of selfish culture. (ROOKE: The Left’s Transgender Hysteria Is Harming People In Ways We Never Could’ve Imagined)

While men are natural protectors, women get to help people heal. But this can only be accomplished when we give our life meaning. This is no easy task. Still, Conservatives understand that having a family is the best way for women to find purpose because they are the only ones who can carry life.

The Left would have women downgraded from their proper role to nothing more than a trained house cat who cares about no one but themselves. When Conservatives ask women to look outside their selfish desires to find purpose, it’s not because female happiness doesn’t matter, but because we understand true pleasure doesn’t come when someone is focused on themselves. Women are nurturers by design and have a unique ability to recognize emotional distress. Our society is in desperate need of good women with empathy to help heal the wounds left by our divisive culture.