ROOKE: Give Young Women 30 Seconds Of Masculinity, And Watch The Feminism Melt Away

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Mary Rooke Commentary and Analysis Writer
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American women are indoctrinated with heavy doses of feminist propaganda from the moment they are born. Everyone and everything is working toward enforcing their worship of women’s empowerment (through the lens of progressivism, of course).

The only way a woman is allowed to feel good about her station in life is if she can live up to the standards set up by bisexual Berkley grads with little knowledge of men outside their emaciated boyfriends who share their love of activism. It’s suffocating to normal women, who often identify as conservatives.

It’s also suffocating for liberals, but they usually don’t realize that. They’ve adopted the toxic feminist thinking as their own and have no idea that their views on life are what’s causing them to suffer. A video of such a woman recently went viral on Twitter after she said a date with a masculine man changed her opinion on dating, marriage, and men.

The woman lives in California and joked that all it took was one encounter with a real “bro’s bro” to make her want to “get away from all these liberal snowflakes.” (ROOKE: NYTimes Tried To Blame Men For One Woman’s Sad Life. But It Doesn’t Add Up)

“Guys, I went on a date this week, and I felt the feminism leaving my body,” she said, adding that she’s a bisexual living on the east side of LA, meaning her dates are typically the stereotypical progressive, “artsy” people who want to split the bill.

She said shock befell her when she “organically” found herself on a date with a traditional masculine male living in Santa Monica (which we are all to assume means he probably consumes a lot of red meat). She found his insistence on paying for their date to be very attractive.

Of course, she likes being adored – every woman does, and those who claim they don’t are broken inside from giving into feelings of negative self-worth. Whether men will admit it publicly or not, they love doting on women because they can’t get over the way we smile; it’s an inherent cuteness that comes out when we feel cherished.

The woman in the video finally felt what it means to be pursued by someone who can protect her. Conservative or liberal, it doesn’t matter. Women valued protection above anything else. But there are two generations of women in the dating world who were never taught how to pick a mate. (ROOKE: There’s A Good Reason Trad Wives Can’t Stop Telling You About Their Sex Lives)

She had no idea the goldmine she found herself in because she would have typically stayed away from men like that due to society’s insistence that she act like a good anti-patriarchal feminist. Boomers online enjoy razzing young single women for their short-sighted views on sex, families, and relationships, but they refuse to own up to their generation’s role in opening the floodgates of feminism that led to this behavior.

We can’t be naïve enough to believe that a bisexual from east LA is all of a sudden going to become pro-natalist because of one date with a “guy’s guy from Santa Monica.” Her social group would never allow it. It’s a cult, after all, and they are all scared of being cast aside as a defector. People need social groups.

The weight of this threat will likely force her to continue upholding the progressive view on life, which insists that women should be treated like men instead of their own divinely formed part of creation.

That said, I hope she proves me wrong.