People Keep Claiming They Saw Massive Aliens In Miami During A Brutal Street Brawl, And It’s Getting Creepy


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A series of videos went viral Thursday of people claiming to have witnessed aliens walking through Miami during a brutal teenage street brawl.

Just as I predicted, the news is filled with stupid stories about aliens as we walk into 2024, following a very disappointing 2023 for ufologists. This time, a bunch of people think a group of 8-foot tall shadow aliens caused people to lose their minds at Bayside Marketplace mall in Miami, Florida, on New Year’s Day, according to NBC Miami.

A series of tweets and videos shared by self-proclaimed “eye witnesses” to the brawl claim the commotion started out of nowhere and the sound of firecrackers broke through the evening hum of shoppers. One witness thought a gunfight broke out, especially as people started running like he didn’t think was possible.

Fat chicks and old ladies were moving like their bodies absolutely shouldn’t have been able to move, but something was clearly terrifying everyone out of the area.

“Next thing you know, real gun shots start going off … I look back, no cap, it looked like a big ass shadow, but it was solid at the same time,” the alleged witness said in one video.

The shadows apparently disappeared and reappeared, moving closer and closer. That’s when more gunshots started going off, with shoppers trying to stop these things from coming any closer. But why didn’t anyone film it, the man asks.

“When that type of shit is going on, shit like that, some paranormal [shit], nobody thinking about no phone,” he explained, noting how everyone went into a form of survival mode as these things emerged. (RELATED: Video Appears To Show ‘UFO’ Flying By Air Force One At Los Angeles International Airport)

A massive police response was initiated following a large fight among teenagers, who also apparently lit fireworks and caused a massive panic among patrons, NBC noted, which would explain most of what this man claims to have heard. Four teens were arrested and are currently facing charges related to burglary, grand theft, battery and resisting an officer.

Countless people online have jumped on the “aliens in Miami” bandwagon, despite there being zero physical evidence except for one blurry video that doesn’t really seem to show anything except far too many police cars for the size of the chaos.

Radio host Dan Bongino also shared his own UFO experience from Florida just days after the incident occurred.

“I live on the Treasure Coast in Florida and for two straight nights there’s been an object with a bright light hovering in the sky near the ocean and moving over the Indian River,” he said, adding that he didn’t think it was a helicopter or a plane.

Most of the hype started after one woman posted a video on TikTok; she appears to be the source of the conspiracy.

So, do we think it’s real? No. I think this was a massive overreaction to a bunch of kids being assholes and someone wanted to turn it into a bigger story. And I’ll keep thinking this way until someone shows me some physical evidence … aside from the shadows I sometimes see around my house.

All jokes aside, this is clearly some type of LARP (live-action role playing) gone awry and it’s actually pretty funny once you realize no one died. Even the cops in Miami were quick to debunk the Bayside Alien Attack, according to the Miami Herald … which is exactly what they’d want us to think if the aliens were real!

Just kidding. The police explained the aliens as “just a personal walking with a shadow.” But wasn’t it fun to believe, even just for  a moment.