British Man Utters Five Final Words After Eating Fatal Pizza Slice: REPORT

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Mariane Angela Entertainment And News Reporter
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An investigation revealed the final words of a 23-year-old man from the UK who succumbed to a severe allergic reaction after consuming a pizza he had ordered online, The Telegraph reported Monday.

Computer programmer James Atkinson had a peanut allergy and had only eaten chips and a few bites of pizza ordered through an app called Deliveroo, a Newcastle hearing was informed, according to The Telegraph. The details surrounding his death on July 10, 2020 were reportedly uncovered during an investigation conducted by Home Office pathologist Dr. Jennifer Bolton. He had ordered a chicken tikka masala pizza and other Indian dishes with his flatmate, the hearing learned, the outlet reported. Despite being vigilant about his peanut allergy, which he had managed for a decade, Atkinson reportedly ingested something from the meal that triggered a rapid and fatal reaction, according to the hearing.

After eating a few chips and less than one slice of the pizza, Atkinson realized something was amiss, The Telegraph reported based on the hearing. His condition deteriorated quickly, the hearing learned, according to the outlet. In a state of panic, while his flatmate looked for his EpiPen, Atkinson made an emergency call, alerting paramedics to his critical state, according to the hearing. Upon their arrival, he was gasping for air, informing them of his impending demise, according to Craig Hassall, counsel for the deceased’s family, the outlet reported. (RELATED: Celebrity Chef, Food Network Host Dead After Suffering Allergic Reaction)

Despite being rushed to the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle and receiving immediate medical attention, Atkinson’s death was pronounced at 9.21 pm, according to The Telegraph. Dr. Bolton reportedly confirmed Atkinson’s death was due to anaphylaxis following peanut ingestion.

“He experienced his difficulty in breathing and he was becoming aware it was getting worse, (and) individuals do sometimes say ‘I am going to die,’” Dr. Bolton said to Hassall, according to The Telegraph.

Toxicology tests reportedly ruled out the influence of alcohol or drugs, affirming Atkinson had not compromised his judgment, the hearing learned. Further investigation revealed the presence of peanuts in the uneaten takeaway and at the Dadyal restaurant, which supplied the meal, Dr. Bolton reported, according to The Telegraph.