‘Senate Republicans Hate Their Voters’: Ned Ryun Slams GOP Senate Over Border Negotiations, Lists Agreement Solutions

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Founder and CEO of American Majority Ned Ryun slammed GOP senators Monday on Fox News for “hating their voters” in reference to the southern border crisis, giving a list of non-negotiable terms the GOP must abide by. 

Ryun appeared on “The Ingraham Angle” to discuss the ongoing border crisis, focusing on negatives that are currently underway in the Senate. Fox News host Laura Ingraham asked the American Majority founder if there was anything Republicans “could agree to” over the border negotiations that wouldn’t result in a “set up.”

Ryun stated the Senate Republicans “hate their voters” because of their compromised “interests,” calling out Republican Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford who is leading the border negotiations. (RELATED: ‘We’re Completely Overrun’: House Speaker Mike Johnson Describes Conditions At ‘Epicenter’ Of Border Crisis)

The American Majority founder highlighted the necessary agreement terms the GOP senators should be abiding by, emphasizing securing the border and ceasing immigration for now.

“Not with Lankford negotiating and not with the Senate Republicans. I mean, the Senate Republicans hate their voters. Well, let’s be honest about that, Laura,” Ryun stated. 

“They’re not interested in promoting the interests of the American people, as you mentioned. They’re interested in promoting the Chamber of Commerce, uh, and those people that actually fund the Senate GOP. No, there’s nothing that I think we could agree to except for — We will stop all immigration immediately. We will secure the border. We will cease all immigration until we get to a merit based immigration system.” 

“I mean, the point — fact of the matter is, there is no negotiation until we actually stop this — have a conversation about how we completely fix it and secure our border. Anything short of that is not gonna to fix this and we all know it, Laura,” Ryun said.

House Republicans have been firm on their border control stance since late last year, giving various warnings to lawmakers that the situation has become a major issue for the United States. Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson refused to hand out more money to Ukraine in December 2023, demanding the border must be secured first.

Since the House GOP’s move, Senate negotiators have been attempting to agree on a bill the House could accept, according to NBC News. Lankford has led the negotiations for Senate Republicans, claiming Sunday they hope to “get text out by later this week,” the outlet reported.

While lawmakers have elongated negotiations over the growing crisis, calls for a potential government shutdown over the issue have been made from some GOP House members online, according to NBC News. However, Johnson has not endorsed any threat of a government shutdown, informing CBS’ “Face the Nation” they “may be close to a deal.”