‘He Was Laughing At First …’: Video Shows Partier Stuck In Decorative Urn At New Year’s Eve Bash


Mia Hernandez Contributor
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A man in Alabama climbed inside a large decorative urn at a New Year’s Eve party and found himself unable to get back out, the New York Post (NYP) reported.

The partier, identified as Connor Padgett, entered the urn with only his arms and head visible before becoming stuck inside, according to the NYP. The video shows onlookers attempting to aid Padgett before appearing frustrated. (RELATED: Woman Pops Dude In The Head With Glass Bottle And All Hell Breaks Loose During New Year’s Eve Party)

“He was laughing at first but now he’s starting to get upset. The women are trying to comfort him. There is talk of attempting to break the urn,” Twitter user CasualThursday wrote.

“I’m doing everything I fucking can!” Padgett can be heard shouting in the video while those around him attempted to reassure him.

“You got it, Connor! You got it! You can do it, Connor.”

The host of the New Year’s Eve party became involved in the incident and asked a friend to get a sledgehammer before ultimately freeing Padgett with a hammer and makeshift screwdriver chisel. The partygoer was freed without his pants, which were allegedly damaged in the process.

Onlookers estimated the cost of the large decorative urn, ranging from $500 to $3000.

“Looks like a friend is trying to usher him into an Uber. Happy New Year everyone. Stay safe out there. Remember, decorative urns always look bigger from the outside,” said Twitter User, CasualThursday in the last update of the event.