‘Yellowstone’ Creator Taylor Sheridan Gives Chilling Comment On Trump’s Removal From Colorado Ballot

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“Yellowstone” co-creator Taylor Sheridan made a rare political comment Jan. 4 during his conversation with podcaster Joe Rogan.

Sheridan’s work might be the most incredible depiction of human sociology and the political means of navigating modern social hierarchies, but he’s not exactly known for sharing the depths of his political leanings. That seemed to change during his recent interview on “The Joe Rogan Experience,” when the topic turned to former President Donald Trump’s removal from the Colorado primary ballot for 2024.

“That’s dangerous as shit,” Sheridan told Rogan, noting how the decision by Colorado’s lawmakers literally feels like a prelude to a full Democrat dictatorship (irony).

“People can think of Donald Trump however they want to think of Donald Trump. It really doesn’t matter who the individual is,” Sheridan continued. “A court in Colorado is going to essentially make a decision based upon a trial that has not happened yet. They’re basically saying he’s guilty of something he hasn’t been tried for, and they’re removing him from a ballot.”

The precedent set by Colorado’s elected officials is a scary one, he added. “Right now, maybe, the Democrats feel they are justified in that action because they’re so terrified of what Donald Trump may do if he becomes president again, but are they thinking about what’s going to happen in 20 years or 30 years because this has now been established?” It’s a question you should be asking yourself, dear reader. (RELATED: Everything You Need To Know About ‘Yellowstone’ Creator Taylor Sheridan’s Utterly Insane 2024 Show Roster)

“People had forgotten that Al Gore and the Democratic Party — and I didn’t vote for George W. Bush — they contested that election then. They said it was rigged. They took it to the Supreme Court. We didn’t have a president, really, for almost two months,” Sheridan concluded, shedding light on the hypocrisy of Democrats throughout and following Trump’s presidency.

Sheridan’s artful way with words should leave any listener with the idea he has a general disdain for macro politics and definitely doesn’t seem to favor any leaders in the federal government.

He described a scene to Rogan in which he, his wife, and their son, go to a remote part of Wyoming for the summers. Their cabin is so remote that the closest they come to any meaningful government office is a 12-hour drive away. And their local DMV is open for an hour on Thursdays.

All that Sheridan and his neighbors in this part of America get from the federal government is a bill for their taxes every year. There are no meaningful services or any kind of return on those taxes, Sheridan described, and he’s absolutely right. (RELATED: ‘Yellowstone’ Star Physically Fought Taylor Sheridan Years Before Their Lawsuit)

So while many in the Hollywood oligarchy might think Sheridan is a conservative, he’s not. He’s just a very clever patriot who is seeing the forest for the trees when it comes to our current political reality.