Jill Biden Says Americans Can’t See How Hard Joe Is Really Working For Them

[Screenshot/MSNBC: Morning Joe]

Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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First Lady Jill Biden said Americans cannot see how hard her husband is working for them during a Thursday interview on “Morning Joe.”

The first lady brushed off voters’ concerns about the president’s age and job performance by arguing they just cannot possibly see how he is working for them.

“When I was dating Joe, one of the things that drew me to him was his strength. And I, at that point, he had been through the death of his wife and baby daughter in a car accident and then later we experienced the death of our son to cancer. Throughout all of this, I saw Joe as steady and calm and resilient. And actually, when we got here, I felt that he knew how to rebuild this country because he had rebuilt our family out of tragedy. And I think what people don’t see is how hard Joe works every single day. That he gets up thinking what he can do for the American people and his job doesn’t end when we have dinner together at 7 o’clock,” she told MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski.

“He’s on the phone, and he’s on the phone with leaders from foreign countries, and he’s on the phone with his cabinet. Or he’s on the phone with somebody who’s lost their home because of a tornado or going through some personal problem. So I see that strength and that resilience and that steadiness every single day,” she continued. “And he’s unflappable.”

She further praised his said long-lasting “integrity” and “character.” (RELATED: ‘Just So Old’: Democrats Reveal Why They Don’t Want Biden To Run Again) 

A majority of Democrats say they prefer a different nominee in the 2024 presidential election, largely citing his age and job performance. A Yahoo/YouGov poll from March found that 48% of Democrats said they believe the 81-year-old president’s age is an issue for re-election. Several more polls, including an AP-NORC survey from February, found that 37% of Democrats wanted Biden to run and 51% believed Biden had “hardly any” ability to effectively manage government spending.

The White House has repeatedly downplayed the polls and has argued the American people largely “approve” of the president’s initiatives. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said in November that the president has no plans to change its strategy despite many polls spelling bad news for Biden in the 2024 election.

The president said the polls show “overwhelmingly positive results” regarding his job performance and said his age does not “register” with him.