Eric Adams Says ‘We Did The Right Thing’ Forcing Out High School Students For Illegal Immigrants

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams said Thursday on “Good Morning America 3” that the city did “the right thing” by forcing high school students into remote learning so illegal immigrants could sleep at a Brooklyn school.

Hundreds of illegal immigrants were sent to James Madison High School on Tuesday night after concerns about strong winds and an impending storm. Students of James Madison High School were shifted to remote learning for Wednesday.

Adams defended his decision to move the migrants during an interview, according to ABC News.

“We’re not going to say in the city that when we have an emergency that impacts migrants, we’re not going to use our school buildings. Because no matter what people say, if you look closely, these are still children, and adults should not ever put anything that’s going to endanger children. Not one child or family sleeps on the streets of the city of New York because of what my team has done.” (RELATED: ‘What’s Next?’: Dem Assemblywoman Rips Biden, Adams Over NYC School’s Use For Illegal Aliens)

“Those parents who [have] stated that we can’t inconvenience someone for one day because of other children, that’s not acceptable, and I’m not going to put children in harm’s way.”

The Big Apple has seen more than 160,000 migrants arrive over the past year, with Adams continually demanding the federal government step in and help. The city also announced a 5% budget cut for city services in September to afford the migrant crisis even though migrants continue to drain the city’s resources.

Adams also has moved to sue several bus companies used by the state of Texas to send migrants to his sanctuary city.