‘Oh Wow!’: Harris Faulkner Shocked After Dem Voter Takes Stab At Biden

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Fox News’ Harris Faulkner was floored on Monday after a Democratic voter told her he doesn’t believe President Joe Biden is prioritizing the border.

Faulkner was interviewing a group of voters, most of whom were Republican and undecided in terms of their presidential candidate support.

Jay, a New York Democratic, first praised Biden for a “slew of legislative victories.”

During the four years that preceded Joe Biden the only major legislation that went through the House and the Senate was a tax cut for some Americans, right? I think having been someone who worked on the Hill as a staffer, seeing what actually goes into making bills get passed into law, the amount of things that are passed into law within the first three-ish years of Joe Biden’s presidency is simply astonishing. It’s meant to tackle certain things and mind you these things won’t happen immediately. Some of these things will take time–”

“Will the border ever happen under his watch?” Faulkner asked. (RELATED: ‘I Love You’: Illegal Migrant Thanks Biden After Crossing Into US)

Watch the moment: 

“That’s an interesting question. Now, I don’t know about the border–”

“Cause he may not have another four years, so I’m just wondering,” Faulkner said.

“He may not,” Jay said. “And I’ll be quite clear, I don’t know, or I don’t think that that is a priority, it’s –”

“Oh wow!” a stunned Faulkner said. “Okay, who’s shocked by that besides me?”

“And by the way, I don’t think you’re wrong,” Faulkner told Jay. “Because that would explain a lot, wouldn’t it?”

Faulkner then asked the other panelists their thoughts on Jay’s comments.

One voter, Bonnie, said she was concerned about the flow of illegal drugs, who the migrants are, and the sustainability of sanctuary cities.

Biden immediately signed executive orders limiting immigration enforcement upon taking office, with a record number of illegal immigrants flowing through the southern border since then. Fiscal year 2022 saw the highest year on record for illegal crossings with more than 2.2 million migrants encountered.

The Texas Department of Public Safety seized a park in Eagle Pass, Texas as the state tries to control the rapid inflow of migrants. The Biden Administration has sued the state over its efforts.

Watch Faulkner’s reaction to DHS Sec. Mayorkas: 

Watch Faulkner cut off a liberal Fox News guest: