Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach Exits Stage Left Mid-Question When Asked About His Contract Expiring — Will He Return?


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Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin abruptly left Monday’s postgame press conference after a reporter tried to ask him about his contract, a video shows.

Following his team’s loss to the Buffalo Bills in the first round of the NFL playoffs, Tomlin was taking questions from reporters when one attempted to ask him about his contract, which expires after next season.

“Mike you have a year left on your contract…” the reporter asked before Tomlin straight up just walked away.

Wow. Bro said Bye Felicia. It’s a power move but also somewhat unnecessary. It wasn’t an inappropriate question at all. Tomlin has coached the Steelers for 17 years, making him the longest tenured head coach in the NFL after Bill Belichick and Pete Carroll parted ways with their teams.

Speculation about his contract has been rampant since the Steelers failed to extend him before the season began. This is the first time Tomlin will enter a contract year with the Steelers, as past extensions were always completed with at least two years remaining on his deals, Pro Football Talk reported.(RELATED: Bills Fans Shower Steelers Players In Snowballs During Playoff Game)

Tomlin was all in on the Bills playoff game but was planning on assessing his future options after the season was finished, according to the outlet. Well, the Steelers season is indeed finished but Tomlin is apparently not ready to assess yet, at least not in public.