‘Wangs And Caucuses’: Megyn Kelly Calls Out Nikki Haley For Refusing To Say Whether Men Can Become Women, Video Shows

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Julianna Frieman Contributor
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Conservative commentator Megyn Kelly called out GOP candidate Nikki Haley on Monday for refusing to say whether a man can become a woman.

Kelly, joined by commentator Dave Rubin, reacted to Haley’s avoidance of answering “the most basic” biological question in an episode of “The Megyn Kelly Show.”

Kelly played a soundbite of Haley’s answer to the question “Can a man become a woman?” which she received during a virtual Iowa town hall on Sunday.

“There’s been a lot that’s been talked about when it comes to, um, all of these roles and all of these issues. I strongly believe that we should not allow any gender change surgeries to anyone before the age of 18. Period,” Haley said. “We — kids now, can’t get a tattoo until they’re 18. We shouldn’t have them permanently change their body until they’re 18. And that includes puberty blockers. That includes any sort of hormones that would do that. After the age of 18 — we want to make sure people can live any way they want to.”

“That’s a dodge,” Kelly said in the video after playing an audio clip of Haley’s response. “The answer’s no.”

Rubin then commented in the video on Haley’s lack of a straightforward answer. The commentator emphasized to Kelly that sex change surgeries do not change the patient’s gender. (RELATED: ‘He’s A Pr*ck And F*cking Hates Republicans’: Megyn Kelly Comes Unglued Over Don Lemon’s Return)

“If I chopped my wang off live while we were doing this live, that wouldn’t make me a woman, and if you chopped some tissue off your arm and gave yourself one, that wouldn’t make you a man,” Rubin said. “I’m sorry, I know it’s a little early in the day. I’ve been under a lot of pressure with this caucus thing, but you get the point.”

“Oh my god, this is like an X-rated show. Wangs and caucuses,” Kelly remarked, laughing.