WWII Legend Celebrates 101st Birthday In The Most American Way Possible — With A Bunch Of Hooter’s Girls


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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World War II and Korean War veteran, Harry Perez Cerezo, rang in his 101st birthday at the El Paso Hooters, Jan. 5.

Cerezo vows to continue this celebration until he turns 105, according to Daily Mail. Cerezo was joined by his family, friends and the Veterans of Foreign Wars organization, as he celebrated his birthday. The Hooters girls serenaded him and fawned over him as he lived out his dream to celebrate his 101st birthday at a location where he could see “some behind.”

“I have never seen him cry, and we saw him cry there. His tears just came rolling down,” his niece Josie Ramirez, told Daily Mail.

The war veteran, who received a Purple Heart after 22 years of service, first joined the U.S. Armed Forces when he was just 18 years old. He was shot in the back while serving in the Korean War and was required to return to service as soon as he recovered, according to Daily Mail.

Cerezo hadn’t even heard of Hooters until he turned 100 years old, and Ramirez and her husband took him there for his 100th birthday.  He immediately took a liking to the scantily clad women who served him beer and quickly became interested in repeating the experience.

“He was like, ‘Oh my God … If I live to be 101, I want to come back here,'” Ramirez said.

“I’ll be here until at least 105,” he said at the time.

“He liked the atmosphere, the girls, and the customers. Everybody was coming and buying him a drink or greeting him, and he really enjoyed all of that. He took it all in,” Ramirez said, according to Daily Mail.

Cerezo is in excellent health and still lives on his own at the age of 101. He independently takes care of his own laundry and immediate needs. (RELATED: John Daly Gets Own Branded Menu With Hooters That Features Signature ‘Big Johns Dogs’)

He was visibly emotional at his Hooters celebration and was truly appreciative of the experience the girls gave him. The Hooters girls gave him a signed Hooters hat as a souvenir to mark the day, according to Daily Mail.