So Dumb: Miami Dolphins May Be Forced To Give Up ‘Fins Up’ Motto Over Legal Mumbo-Jumbo With Margaritaville: REPORT

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Margaritaville can’t be serious …

My Miami Dolphins have been using the “Fins Up” motto for as long as I can remember. Hell, I’m 33 years old and I don’t ever remember a time where they didn’t use it. But it looks like there really is a first time for everything, as the Phins might be forced to stop using the iconic slogan. And for such a nonsensical reason. (RELATED: Jason Kelce Announces Retirement After Philadelphia Eagles’ End-Of-Season Collapse: REPORT)

Big E — who is a Miami Dolphins superfan, podcaster for DolphinsTalk.com and has a ton of connections within the organization — reported Monday night on Twitter that the South Florida franchise will have to give up “Fins Up” because it’s already patented by another company.

Later that night, Big E then confirmed it is Margaritaville who has the patent, being active since 2012. But now that they’re just getting around to opening up their Fins Up! Beach Club, they’re starting to get a little prickish about it.

I hope that Jimmy Buffett’s kids are aware the Dolphins have been using “Fins Up” way before 2012, and oh yeah, THEIR DAD WAS A MIAMI DOLPHINS FAN!

Shameful, just absolutely shameful. Reverse course, Margaritaville. Your brand is too great for this ridiculousness.