Video Appears To Show Police Arresting Alleged Cartel Leader ‘La Lena’ Whose Group Allegedly Killed Two Americans


Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Alleged Mexican cartel leader José Alberto García Vilano, known as ‘La Kena,’ was arrested Friday, a video appeared to show, according to Alerta News 24. 

Vilano, who allegedly ran the infamous Los Ciclones cell, had been captured in Monterrey, Mexico by authorities after they received leaked information about Vilano’s location, a video appeared to show, according to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). (RELATED: Mexican Drug Cartels Are Expanding Into A New Industry — Wi-Fi, Prosecutors Say: REPORT)

The video footage posted to Twitter by Alerta News 24 appeared to be taken from inside a department store at a shopping plaza. The video shows the camera angling behind a wall, appearing to look out into the main walkway of the mall.

Multiple men surrounding what appeared to be Vilano in handcuffs walked down the hall as loud music could be heard playing in the background, Alerta News 24 reported. Trailing right behind him was another handcuffed man in a white sweatshirt with authorities by his side as well.

Vilano and his group allegedly kidnapped four U.S. citizens in early March 2023, allegedly killing two of them, according to the BBC. 

The four Americans had been driving near the city of Matamoros, Mexico when unidentified gunmen had allegedly fired at their car which displayed North Carolina plates, a U.S. Embassy in Mexico press release said. Following the alleged incident, the tourists were then placed in a car by the men, driving them away from the scene, the release added. (RELATED: Key Drug Trafficker Linked To The Sinaloa Cartel Shot Dead In LA)

Shortly after, two of the Americans had been found and escorted by the Mexican authorities and National Guard, according to the New York Post. It was revealed that the four Americans had reportedly gone over to the country seeking a medical cosmetic procedure, which has become a popular occurrence due to low prices, CNN reported. The two remaining tourists were reportedly later found dead and brought over to the U.S. by Mexican authorities.

While a motive for the alleged attack was not officially released by Mexican authorities, an ongoing investigation believed the gang could have mistaken the Americans for a rival cartel group, according to the BBC. Following the alleged incident, a splinter cell of the Gulf Cartel took responsibility for the kidnapping, turning over five men who were allegedly responsible in the attack, the outlet reported. 

Since 2022, a reward of $145,000 had been offered by the Tamaulipas state government for information that could lead to Vilano’s arrest, the BBC reported.