Mask-Wearing, Pro-Palestine Lefty Loony Hilariously Gets Dragged Out Of The Australian Open (By Fans) In True Justice

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Talk about funkin’ around and findin’ out …

Some mask-wearing, pro-Palestine leftist lunatic tried to leave her mark on the Israel-Hamas war, showing up at the Australian Open to toss ‘Free Palestine’ papers all over the court. Immediately, the woman was hammered with boos and hilariously dragged out of Melbourne Park by a couple of fans in true justice.

The mask-wearer (like, let it go, will ya?) decided to take action in the third set of the match between Alexander Zverev and Cameron Norrie, pulling out a load of papers from her satchel and throwing it all over the place. Classy.

“While you’re watching tennis bombs are dropping on Gaza. Australia is a close ally of Israel. Australia is complicit in war crimes and genocide. Free Palestine,” read the paper, according to OutKick. (RELATED: Women’s Golf Tour Responds With Common Sense, Human Decency And Protection Of Female Sports After Transgender Win)

In what you would expect out of Australia, security was nowhere to be found, the outlet reported. This led to two fans taking care of the situation themselves. Hey, you know what they say: “If you want something done, do it yourself.”

Things started off when a woman approached the lefty loony and pulled her into the aisle, which then led to a man grabbing the other arm of the protester, proceeding to drag her up the aisle.

It was sweet vigilante justice … Zverev went on to win the match.

Ya gotta love it.