‘Biden Is Going To Get Creamed’: Dem Biden Challenger Reveals One Big Revelation From Trump Rally

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Democratic Minnesota representative and presidential hopeful Dean Phillips said Monday on CNN that President Joe Biden is going to get “creamed” in the presidential race and that his party has been “deluded” into thinking otherwise.

CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Phillips what the biggest difference between him and Biden is, with Phillips saying he would introduce “American Dream Accounts.” The proposal would deposit $1,000 upon birth into a child’s bank account so that the money grows through the years and can help them obtain higher education.

Phillips also said he’d focus on childcare, healthcare for all, better education, the southern border and other topics.

“People are really fearful,” Phillips said. “Last night I saw a Trump rally outside of mine, I walked up to the line of people a mile long and I simply said hello. I was met with 50 people going to the Trump rally who were friendly, hospitable, thoughtful, some who said they voted for Barack Obama. Some said they were Bernie Sanders supporters. About half of whom had never been to a Trump event before. So for everybody watching right now, Donald Trump is on a big mission to win and Joe Biden is going to get creamed. And I just wish Democrats would wake up and ensure that at least we give it our best shot because right now I’m afraid we are deluded into a nightmare.”

Phillips, despite trailing in the polls, told the Daily Caller News Foundation that he “already won” the New Hampshire primary despite the race being held Tuesday.

“I think we’ve already won the New Hampshire primary, because what’s going to happen tomorrow is going to show a weak candidate who’s not electable, and a candidate with momentum going around the country sharing a new vision of getting this country on the right track, common sense and decency.”

“And in that respect, I think we’ve already won,” he added.

Biden is not participating in the New Hampshire primary due to the Democratic National Committee’s new primary calendar that put South Carolina first. There is currently a large write-in campaign for the president in the Granite state ahead of Tuesday’s election. Phillips is trying to counter the movement, launching a website entitled “Not in New Hampshire,” to encourage voters not to write in Biden’s name on the ballot on Tuesday.