Hollywood Elites Snub Heartbreaking Sports Movie About Conservative Wrestling Family


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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The Academy Awards decided to snub one of the year’s most iconic and inspiring sports films in the 2024 nominations, announced Tuesday.

“The Iron Claw” is the true story of brothers Kevin and Kerry Von Erich, two of the biggest names in wrestling history. A-list acting heartthrobs Zac Efron and Jeremy Allen White took on the two leading roles, and the movie was produced by A24 (Hollywood’s favorite edgy studio), so it’s strange that the Oscars decided not to nominate it at all for their 2024 awards.

From the trailer alone, it’s clear that this film is more than just a wrestling film. My roof was leaking, then my pipes froze, so I’ve not been able to get out and see the film personally. But my colleague John Loftus, who has amazing taste in entertainment, kindly shared his review:

“‘The Iron Claw’ will go down as one of the best sports films of this decade. I had zero expectations coming into the movie, and left the theater completely floored. It’s beautiful and haunting, the kind of movie where you hear non-stop sniffles for the entire running time because everyone is moved to tears. The acting was also top-notch. Zach Efron has come a long way from his ‘High School Musical’ days.”

We all knew the Ozempic sluts who run Hollywood were never going to let a conservative-leaning pro-America true story win an Oscar. But to not even nominate something so spectacular? That feels punitive and petty, just like everyone in Hollywood!

And when will the punishment of Efron stop? This golden boy was once the go-to guy for the entertainment industry. He’s taken on heaps of intense roles in the last decade, and none has ever received the recognition Efron deserves for his raw acting talent. (RELATED: Zac Efron Stars In One Of The Greatest War Movies Ever, And It’s All About Beer)

Perhaps we’ll see Efron show up in a Taylor Sheridan show in the coming years. Or maybe he’ll make his way back to romcoms when he’s become a silver fox, and have a whole new career revival. No matter what, Efron isn’t going anywhere, no matter what mainstream Hollywood thinks.