‘Stand Up To Jewish Hate’: Robert Kraft Foundation To Release Powerful Ad During Super Bowl (And You Can Thank Kanye)

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Robert Kraft is a real one for this.

Taking a stand against the antisemitism running wild in both our country and across the world, the owner of the New England Patriots and his foundation will be releasing a “Stand Up to Jewish Hate” ad during the Super Bowl, according to the New York Post.

Lasting a total of 30 seconds, the ad produced by Kraft‘s Foundation to Combat Antisemitism will target anti-Jewish sentiment that has come in the aftermath of Israel’s invasion into Gaza after Hamas’ disgusting terrorist attacks in Oct. 2023. (RELATED: NFL Continues To Add Fuel To The Divisive Fire With Incredibly Ridiculous ‘Night Of Pride’ Super Bowl Event)

“With the horrific rise in Jewish hate and all hate across our nation, we must stand up and take urgent action now,” said Kraft in a Wednesday statement, per The Post.

“For the first time, FCAS will air an emotive ad during the Super Bowl, football’s ultimate championship game, which brings people of all backgrounds together, to showcase examples of how people can #StandUptoJewishHate and inspire more people to join the fight against all hate.”

Funny enough … you can actually thank rapper Kanye West for this.

Kraft and his foundation began the “Stand Up to Jewish Hate” ad campaign in 2023 after Ye went on a antisemitic tirade, according to the New York Post.

This situation reminds me of the whole Ye interview with Alex Jones (writing this blog has me listening to it)…

Who had Robert Kraft and Kanye West beefin’ in 2024 on their bingo card?