80-Year-Old Priest Allegedly Murdered By Immigrant May Have Paid Troubled Young Men For Sex: REPORT

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Julianna Frieman Contributor
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An 80-year-old priest, allegedly murdered by an immigrant, was reportedly accused of paying troubled young men for sex.

Fr. Alfonso Benito López allegedly invited young men into his house to work and was accused of engaging in sexual activities with some of his guests, according to Pillar Catholic.

López was reportedly found dead in his apartment in Valencia on Tuesday. The archdiocese of the priest’s church reportedly asked that López stop receiving young male guests before his death, emphasizing that the church’s mission to help the needy did not require invitations into private homes, Pillar Catholic reported. The archdiocese has only issued short, blunt statements since López was found dead, according to the outlet.

A 40-year-old suspect was arrested by police in Spain after using the priest’s bank card in a bar in the same city of the alleged murder, according to the outlet. Police are reportedly investigating four bank transfers that occurred hours before the alleged murder to confirm whether López was a victim of blackmail or extortion.

A janitor discovered the priest’s body, only to receive a text message from the priest’s mobile phone minutes later, the Pillar Catholic reported. Friends of López also reportedly received text messages stating that the victim would be out of town for a week to deal with personal matters. (RELATED: ‘Vile Sin’: Priest Admits To Having Child Porn Addiction, Asks Judge For Five Years: REPORT)

Neighbors of López were concerned about the priest’s young male guests, who on occasion had allegedly behaved rowdy and aggressively, the outlet reported. In one incident, police were called when one man allegedly threatened López after asserting that the priest owed him money. The priest reportedly did not press charges against his young guest.