Fans Slam Martyrdom For Throwing Pig’s Head In Crowd

Screenshot/Twitter/100k Crimson Beheret

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Fans slammed black metal band Martyrdom after a pig’s head was thrown around during a Friday concert at The White Swan in Houston, Texas.

The severed head was flung toward the back of the crowd during the band’s live performance, immediately sparking backlash on social media. The band issued a statement shortly thereafter, saying, “We are a black metal band, and as part of it, we try to add a little bit of imagery and shock value to our set.” They went on to apologize, writing, “Unfortunately our acts has [sic] gotten carried away and way out of hand, offending many and even harming some,” according to Lambgoat.

Video footage of the carcass being thrown around emerged on social media, with many attendees saying it was “gross.” Another user wrote, “its real, and it stinks.”

Others laced into the band by saying, “personally I don’t think the mfs who do this shit should be allowed to breathe the same air as the rest of us, undeserving of basic human rights.”

The band attempted some damage, saying, “we just want to start off by saying we are incredibly sorry to anyone we offended with our actions and gimmicks on stage.”

They elaborated by mentioning specific groups they feel may have been offended by their actions.

“We want to apologize to any vegans, Muslims, or other minority groups we may have offended, and to anyone who was harmed by our act,” Martyrdom said, according to Lambgoat.

“Most importantly we want to apologize to the White Swan, and Harry, the sound guy, specifically. thank you so much white swan for giving us the opportunity to play there,” they said. (RELATED: Video Appears To Show Shocking New Angle In Alleged Fight That Led To Country Star’s Arrest: REPORT)

Fan commentary on social media suggests the damage has already been done, and the backlash continues in spite of the apology.