Expert Claims NASA ‘Quietly Funding’ Theological Conferences Over Fears Of ‘Demonic’ UFOs


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Former head of Great Britain’s Ministry of Defense (MOD) Nick Pope claimed Wednesday that NASA is “quietly funding” theological conferences over fears that UFOs might be related to “demonic” forces.

NASA allegedly wants “to get ahead of the game” when it comes to any potential confluence between UFOs and “demonic” forces, Pope claimed during an interview with GB News. “I don’t believe in demons myself but a lot of people do and certainly the Bible talks about these things in terms of unclean spirits,” Pope stated.

He’s not wrong. There’s plenty of strange UFO and alien stuff related to Biblical research. This is largely thanks to a sudden resurgence in interest surrounding the Book of Enoch, a post-Old Testament, pre-New Testament writing which claims God sent angels to Earth, breeding a separate race of violent giants.

“There is probably a faction still in both the US and the UK that thinks that some aspects of the UFO phenomenon are demonic. One of their reasons for believing that is a passage in the book of Ephesians in the Bible that talks about Satan as being the Prince of the Power of the Air,” Pope also noted. “I think that it is undeniable that many of the world’s great religions have in recent years started to think seriously and do some theological debate about what the consequences would be of discovering extraterrestrial life.”

Pope further claimed the Catholic Church has “no doctrinal objection” to the presence of alien life in the universe as “man may place no creative limits upon God.” (RELATED: UFO Investigations Halted Over Fears Of ‘Demonic Forces,’ Former Defense Minister Claims)

“NASA has quietly put in a bit of funding to theological conferences that have talked about this,” Pope claimed. “I think it’s more a case that they’re hedging their bets and they’re thinking if it’s true, they want to get ahead of the game this time and not get caught up in the sort of science versus religion dogfight that we saw in the Middle Ages, for example, with Copernicus and Galileo.”

So, when will we get any answers on this? Well, if Revelations is to be believed, we have a long, messy, violent way to go before Christ returns to Earth. And we may have a few somewhat “extraterrestrial” invaders in the run-up to that point. But until these things appear in the sky, it’ll all remain a mystery. (RELATED: GOP Rep Who Got Classified UFO Briefing Says They Could Be ‘Angels’ From Another Dimension)

NASA did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller’s request for clarification or comment on Pope’s claims. A 2021 report by The Associated Press claimed that NASA has not hired any theologians.